The GMT-P1 is a panel mounted weighing transmitter offers exceptional reliability, advanced filtering, and tested ability to perform stably under interference of harsh industrial environments. It is customized for dynamic weighing systems with the highest demand for reliability, response speed and accuracy.

  • Selectable RS232 / 485 interface by switch.
  • Simple design to facilitate connection to a PLC.
  • Operating functions by 4 set buttons.
  • I / O points (1 input, 2 outputs) as standard.
  • Optional analog output (0-5V initial).
  • Powers up to 8units of load cells with 6 wires connection, provide long distance compensation.
  • Selectable A / D Converter 30/60/120/240/480 / 960times / sec.
  • 1,000,000 weight resolution ability, with second generation Vibration Cancellation Filter.
  • Support theoretical calibration with loadcell sensitivity.
  • Compact, lightweight body makes it ideal for mounting into a control panel.